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Entry #3


2 weeks ago by Maculoon
Updated 2 weeks ago

So, a few months back, Xbox Live was offering Sleeping Dogs as part of their "Games with Gold" program. Now, like all people, I picked it up and played it for a bit, until forgetting about it.

Well, I started playing it again today, and realized that whenever I drive more than 30MPH, ZJ's dumb record for driviing 2:13 seconds without hitting anything.

I'm here to announce i've absolutely FUCKING SHATTERED ZJ's record, and therefore, when anyone on my friends list drives over 30MPH, they'll see my name as Rank One. Fuck you, ZJ. Fuck you.


Update: 3 minutes and 30 seconds, FIGHT ME BITCH


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2 weeks ago

Looks like a good game! Even has something (vaguely) along the lines of GTA2's Respct-o-meter, a feature that appeals to me.


2 weeks ago

I wasn't even trying, though. The game is on now!